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In the kitchen with SPLENDA® Sweeteners

Tips for cooking & baking without all the sugar

I’m cooking and baking with…

Cooking With SPLENDA® Granulated Sweetener

SPLENDA® Endulzante Sin Calorías, Granulado

Baking With SPLENDA® Sugar And Brown Sugar Blend

SPLENDA® Sugar Blend and SPLENDA® Brown Sugar Blend

How much SPLENDA® Sweeteners should I use?

When swapping SPLENDA® Sweeteners for sugar, it’s important to know just how much to use! For best results, use our conversion chart.

FAQs For Cooking And Baking With SPLENDA®

Preguntas: cómo cocinar y hornear

Wondering if SPLENDA® Sweeteners can be used in frozen desserts? How about microwave cooking, or high altitude baking? Get answers to frequently asked questions about cooking and baking with SPLENDA® Products in our Cooking and Baking FAQs.